National Measurement System

Nearly all aspect of our modern life relies on measurement. Measurement is everywhere, playing a vital role in our lives, and societies.

The National Measurement System (NMS) is a network of laboratories and processes that provide measurement standards and calibration testing facilities. It maintains the measurement infrastructure, represents the position of Cambodian measurement internationally and influences the development of standards.

—NMS plays an integral role in assuring the accuracy, consistency, comparability and reliability of measurement results by ensuring that they are traceable to the national measurement standards, and, hence, are traceable to the definition of the SI units.

—Traceability of National Measurement System (NMS) is a primary importance for any industrialized countries since it is a prerequisite for science and technology development and implementation. The national measurement standards is also used as a key measure by the international standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025, to ensure technical reliability of the quality management system. Hence, NMS is a scientific, economic and social necessity.

Measurement system

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