NMC was established under Metrology law, approved by Royal Decree No 0809/016 dated August 11, 2009, and run on 22nd April 2011 by sub-decree for managing all activities and services related to metrology such as scientific metrology, Industrial metrology and Legal metrology. NMC operates under supervision of the Ministry of Industry & Handicraft, having the level of a General Department and has its own specific stamp. Its main objective is to determine the mechanism and rules of the management of metrology within the Kingdom of Cambodia.


  • To assure the best interest of suppliers and users of products, goods, and services
  • To assure the improvement of the quality of goods, products, services and management.
  • To determine the identification and removal of Technical Barriers to trade and harmonization of trade transactions within the framework of legal metrology
  • To create the correct use of metrological instruments
  • environment for the use of metrological instruments in trade activities and other businesses in health, security and environment.
  • To facilitate the development of science and technique for economic development
  • To enhance the accurate measure
  • To assure a good and fair trade
  • ments in industry in accordance with an internationally recognized measurement infrastructure.
  • To promote Cambodian innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life.


  • To improve metrology to be a core component in the development of industry, services, science, and technology and to form the basis of economic growth.
  • To harmonize national legislation with regional and international norms to support free trade and international market competition thereby contributing to economic development.
  • To increase, strengthen and expand the capability of NMC and NMC’s offices of municipalities and provinces by improving standards and metrological services with the scope of building public trust, assuring fair trade, competition and consumer protection effectively and efficiently.


  • To organize effectively the national policies for the metrology and strengthen the implementation of metrology and relevant standardized mechanisms;
  • To develop the human resources, the capabilities of the institutional affairs, and broaden the regional and international cooperation;
  • To Publish broadly the all of One-Window laws, standardized administrative affairs, and mechanisms such as the creation of web pages, easily accessible technological systems as well;
  • To organize public forums and dialogues with private sectors on the public services of metrology;
  • To enable the National Metrology to be internationally recognized standards (International Standard Organization(ISO)/International Electro-technical Commission (IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020); and
  • To establish a Metrological Training Center and a library of metrology.


  • To bring metrology awareness to the public of Cambodians.
  • To provide faith and trust on Cambodian products to national, regional, and international markets, and assure a good and fair trade.
  • To enable metrology field to contribute to strengthen and expand industry and handicraft sectors within the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • To provide Metrology services with high responsibilities in accordance to the Metrology Law and Legal Technical requirements.


  • To organize and implement the strategic policies and development plans of metrology; to implement metrology registration; to conduct study research and develop scientific technology of metrology; to manage and maintain national standard, secondary standard and working standard.
  • To do inspection on conformity assessment and issue the certificate of recognized working standards for applying in other entities.
  • To calibrate metrology standards and metrology equipment
  • To test, analysis and specify pattern approval of metrology equipment, producing goods, templates and package
  • To inspect pre-packaged goods in detail condition of pre-packaged goods that related to metrology.
  • To do verification and declare minimum and maximum of capacity weight and measurements of metrology equipment that permit to use or occupy in commerce activities and other sectors in accordance with national system of legal units of metrology.
  • To facilitate and manage creation and use of national system of legal units of metrology, and other system of legal units of metrology in Cambodia.
  • To issue License for manufacturing and repairing metrological instruments and license of using Cambodian metrology trademark in accordance with metrology law and the existing provision.
  • To organize legal document, administrative procedure and technology to strengthen effectiveness of metrology works.
  • To build up capacities on human resource, technology development, information technology, and implement the assessment of personnel capacities and other institutions related to metrology
  • To collaborate with national and international agencies to develop and harmonize metrology infrastructure in Cambodia.
  • To seek help from development partner countries in order to develop metrological infrastructure and capabilities
  • To corporate with partner ministries/institution to inspect the violation in the process of manufacture, repair, use and business related to metrology equipment.
  • To manage and carry out on process of collection service fee, penalty and other fees followed by the law.
  • To undertake other tasks delegated by Minister.

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