Industrial Metrology Affairs and international Cooperation Office


The Industrial Metrology Affairs and  International Cooperation Metrology Office is an office assistant to the Department’s leaders in cooperation with the national, regional, and international institutions on the metrology fields.


-To organize project planning in short, medium, and long term for development of metrology management system, and to define goal for implementation in order to ensure the management of metrology with sustainability

-To check,  follow up, and evalute the implementation of strategic plans policies for metrological activities

-To corporate in studying, researching, and updating the methods, regulation or technical norms, and guidelines for evaluation which are relevant to business manufacturing, repairing, and uses of metrological instruments

-To conduct researches and give advices about the necessity of import use all kinds of metrological instruments relevant to metrology process

-To cooperate in organizing regularization for importing and using all metrological instruments, goods produced and good packaged which are relevant to the metrological process according to duties of department.


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