Metrological technology Office


The Metrology Development Office is an assistant office to the Department’s leaders in managing, compiling, and developing technology as regulation or technical norms, and implementation the law on metrology as well as other relevant provisions.


-To study, research, and collect national and international documents on technology development of metrology

-To research, develop guidelines, consultation; and to compile as regulation or technical norms for implementation of metrological technology.

-To exchange information, facilitate, exchange new technology of metrology in order for ensure and confidence in using the metrological instrument, goods produces and goods packaged by classified, and to promote the use of metrology trademark of Cambodia it called metrology service mark to economic entities (company, factory, enterprise, handicraft) to submit to NMC.

-To prepare procedure for applying License for using Metrology Trademark of Cambodia to every economic entities (company, factory, enterprise, handicraft) to submit to NMC

-To compile data on metrology registration of economic entities for base researching and technology development of metrology and for data management that required by department on times.

-To encourage and corporate promoting law on metrology of Cambodia and other provisions to economic entities (company factory enterprise handicraft) has obliged to implement.

-Disciplinary measure and other rules in collaboration with entities in NMC for economic entities which do not implement and respect the law on metrology of Cambodia and report to NMC for making decision.

-To study, research, and contact with the relevant national and international institutes for collecting information on the technical barrier for the business on metrology

-To promote, support, and encourage customers for those uses the national system of legal units of metrology according to law of Kingdom of Cambodia

-To write reports to the department’s leaders by scheduled

-To undertake other tasks delegated by the department’s leaders.

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