Administration Office


The Administration and Human Resource Development Office is an office assistant to the Department’s leader in administration, management, report and training of human resources pertaining to metrological process.


-To manage civil servants in the department

-To manage in/out letters and documents of the department

-To manage moveable properties, immoveable properties, and inventories in the department

-To prepare schedule programs and welcome guest

-To corporate with relevant offices and departments in training process

-To coordinate and contact with other offices in the department for providing consultation to customers

-To corporate and follow up reports on metrological activities at NMC’s branches of the capital-provincial Department of Industry, Mines and Energy

-To compile data for development plans and human resource development in activities for local and overseas

-To estimate annual budget plan and other project of department

-To estimate budget plan for training workshops and other activities

-To organize the procedures of recruitment and registration for recognition of trainers who are  specialized in metrology of NMC and other entities

-To promote and give advices to manufacturer, repairers and user or person who implement metrological instrument about the requirement of certificate from NMC

-To follow up and promote all activities of the department’s duties.

-To write reports to the department’s leaders by scheduled

-To undertake other tasks delegated by the department’s leaders.


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